Welcome to the newly redesigned Icatar.com! Our lives have certainly changed dramatically over the last year and this new site represents a fresh start. Here you will continue to find news updates for our family and other potential news of interest. We've made the most interesting items more readily available. Over to the right, we will post recent photos from our family. You will also notice a dedicated video player which will display all of our family videos that we have posted to Youtube. Also, be sure to click the Subscribe link below and you will receive an e-mail anytime we post anything new. Finally, feel free to comment on any post or you can e-mail me directly with any comments at roneil@icatar.com.

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RING AROUND THE ROSY!: Two brand new videos of Annalise doing Ring Around the Rosy. She does something new and cute everyday! Just click on her link above.

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NEW STUFF!!!: To lighten things up a bit and to take a break from the recent events (I've never watched so much news in my life!), I kept busy posting some new videos and pictures of Annalise. The videos are in a new format, Windows Media, which allows me to (hopefully) have better quality and decrease the size of the video to help our more bandwidth-challenged friends. The catch is that you'll need Windows Media Player to view the videos. Let me know if the videos are better or worse than before. You may also have to turn up the volume on the new videos to hear the fun stuff!

Don't forget, send us feedback at roneil@icatar.com.

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TRIBUTE: In honor of the victims and families from the tragedy from September 11, I am flying the virtual flag below. Our prayers go out to all families affected by the catastrophy and hope that swift justice come to those deserving.