Welcome to the newly redesigned Icatar.com! Our lives have certainly changed dramatically over the last year and this new site represents a fresh start. Here you will continue to find news updates for our family and other potential news of interest. We've made the most interesting items more readily available. Over to the right, we will post recent photos from our family. You will also notice a dedicated video player which will display all of our family videos that we have posted to Youtube. Also, be sure to click the Subscribe link below and you will receive an e-mail anytime we post anything new. Finally, feel free to comment on any post or you can e-mail me directly with any comments at roneil@icatar.com.

Posted by Roneil Icatar On 1/31/2002 04:15:00 PM 0 comments
WebCam! WebCams are constantly updated pictures on the Internet. I've setup my own little web cam at our house. Click the web cam link above to catch a glimpse at what's going on at Chez Icatar.

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ONLINE STATUS: Check it out! At the top of this page, you should be able to see my online status with MSN Messenger and ICQ, so you should be able to see whether I am available or not. Thanks to status.webhop.net for this capability.

Posted by Roneil Icatar On 1/28/2002 05:25:00 PM 1 comments
I'M BACK!!!: Thanks to www.no-ip.com, I can host my web site again. If you want to publish your own web site and you have a dynamic IP address and you'd like a 'name' then they're the guys. For no charge, you can use a 'sub-name' of their domain or for $25 a year, you can use your own domain, like icatar.com! Their best feature? They can redirect web traffic to a different port in case your ISP (like Optimum Online) blocks port 80.

I'm working on a project in Boston at the moment, but I do have updates to Annalise's web page in the works which should make it easier to browse through her pictures. And I also have a ton of new pictures waiting to be uploaded, so stay tuned.

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OH YEAH, BY THE WAY: Happy New Year!

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NEED YOUR HELP! Optimum Online, my cable modem provider, apparently doesn't "allow" people to host web sites at their house. They even go so far as to block any incoming web requests to my web site. So far, I've gotten around this by doing some creative manipulation with other networks and cable providers who aren't so strict with their policies. But since the demise of @Home, time may be running short for this web site. If you have a good Internet connection that allows inbound web traffic and are willing to redirect web traffic to my site, please contact me. I could certainly repay you with other services such as hosting a mail server, or hosting your own web site, whatever. PLEASE!!!