Softball, Hula Hoops, and the iPad Aftermath

Posted by Roneil Icatar On 5/12/2010 12:02:00 AM

How’s that for a catchy title?  So, we have a couple videos to share with you.  The first one here is of Isabella at her first softball game.  This is her first year playing where the ball is pitched to her, but as you will see, our practice in the back yard has prepared her for the real thing!


About two weeks ago, Isabella started to learn how to hula hoop. At first, she could only hula hoop a few times and she would count how many times. She would be excited to hit 10 or 12. Within a few days, she was able to hula over a hundred times, and now, she can do it with two hoops! Amazing!


And finally, you’ve undoubtedly heard the hoopla over Apple’s iPad.  After agonizing over the decision, I ended up getting one for myself, or should I say, ended up getting one for the family.  I can honestly say that the kids have probably used it more than I have, and as you can see from the pictures below, it’s gotten ugly!  Don’t worry though, we were able to work out a friendly, timed usage scenario and everyone is now happily sharing the device (including me!)



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