Home Makeover Part 2: The Gutting

Posted by Roneil Icatar On 1/07/2006 12:14:00 AM
The first day of the makeover had the guys totally gut the bathroom. This included ripping out everything including the walls, plumbing fixtues, and flooring. It really is amazing the kinds of things you find when you start tearing walls down. Here are pictures of the bathroom with everything ripped out.

Here is a picture looking into the bathroom. Notice the crawl space behind the walls, where we found all sorts of crud.
This picture shows where the toilet and the shower stall were. Notice anything missing? Yep, insulation! There was no insulation in the walls.
Here's another view of the shower and the base left behind. The base will also be taken out as we are replacing the square shower with one of those neo-angle shower stalls.
Here's the view if the toilet was still there and you were sitting on it. And tha poor 60W bulb is the only thing left.
This is a better view of the back wall of the room. You see how the pipes make a nice square? We decided to build a couple shelves into the wall for some storage. Since we will be putting in a pedestal sink to open the room a little, these shelves will give us something to put our stuff in.

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