Home Makeover Part 4: Getting There!

Posted by Roneil Icatar On 1/10/2006 08:06:00 PM
I can say without a doubt that I certainly have a much greater appreciation for interior design (and the 12 million shades of blue and white) and the good folks that actually build these things. Especially the poor guys (like my contractor) that has to work on these 60 year old homes, where walls aren't always exactly vertical or floors aren't exactly flat (or in our case, shaped like a canoe!) Anyway, the bathroom is looking better and better each day. It's been dusty for the last couple days with all the sanding, but today, it was cleaned up a bit to allow me to take some pics. Enjoy!

Here is the entry view to the bathroom. You can see the wainscot (another fancy term for paneling) along the lower part of the room, painted in a very light blue (which I mistook for white and may actually look white in the picture). The new tile is called "Castle Grey" and has some a little bit of blue in it that is brought out by the wainscoting. And finally, we are thrilled about how the shelves came out. You may not see it in the picture, but it really helps enhance the room.
Here is the neo-angle shower base, hopefully, the shower will be up by Thursday. That heater is helping dry the paint and primer and the bucket is the official bucket of Home Makeover.
Here's another view of the floor, the shower, the shelves and where the toilet will be (I can't wait till that's installed either). Hmmm...Maybe I'll put some good books on those shelves....
....and right on cue....the toilet view.

One more day of painting, then all the fixtures go in. I can't wait!

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